Advantages of water fed pole window cleaning

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Pure water window cleaning has become the preferred method to maintain commercial and domestic windows. The advantages of using it for both customers and professional window cleaners include:

  • Time-saving. This is one of the major benefits of using the telescopic pole system. In a fast-paced world, every technique that reduces the time to get things done brings unparalleled value to both the property owners and the window cleaners.
  • Safety. There is no price for human life as there are no spare parts for the human body. Working from the ground reduces and avoids many risks like falling from heights or ladders.
  • Ease of use. It simplifies the process of window cleaning and that leads to a learning curve that’s actually not that extensive or time-consuming.
  • Less physically demanding. There’s no need to carry around buckets full of water, climb up and down ladders or wipe windows for hours. And with the modern lightweight water fed poles, one doesn’t have to be Superman to work all day long.
  • Windows stay clean for longer. The systems work with purified water that removes all the accumulated dust and grime from the glass panes without the use of any chemicals. What makes this possible is the ultra-pure state of the water as it has no dissolved solid particles in it. In this state, the water easily connects with all impurities on the glass surface. And the final result of this in-depth washing is a super smooth state of your windows. It takes a significantly longer for contaminates to start building up again on them, which guarantees you’ll enjoy the long-lasting sparkling effect.
  • Can be done in rainy weather. Even light rain or drizzle will make ladders wet and slippery but with extendable poles, that’s no longer an issue.
  • Versatile cleaning tool. Water fed pole goes beyond the usual window cleaning and can be used to get your window frames, sills, soffits and fascias back to their pristine condition. Removing dirt from flat glass roof lights and velux windows is child’s play thanks to the telescopic pole system. With its help, you can easily reach solar panels and conservatory roofs, too.
  • Eco-friendly solution. The sponge and bucket method often relies on some chemical solution or detergent to remove dirt and stains from the glass and that poses health and environmental risks. On the other hand, water fed pole systems use only purified water that has no side effects and won’t do any harm to your property, your wellbeing or the local ecosystem.


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